20 November 2011

Small Page, Big Screen - Introduction

Here's what I guess you could call the pilot of a new series I'm going to try out for a while. I'd really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me, especially considering I'm trying out a new character with this. I've gotten very used to speaking in a certain way while recording for Read Right to Left, and the intonation I used for this video was very different, and I still have to tweak it and get used to it. I know this is only a very brief preview, but still, anything I hear from you guys will be much appreciated.

29 July 2011

Reaction Shots - Training Arcs

Reaction Shots - Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

There's a bit of a story behind the creation of this video that I feel needs to be told, at least to provide a more vague explanation than the one in the video itself. At the beginning of the video I allude to technical problems, but unlike my most satisfying deaths video, I try not to sound so mellow about it, although I make light of the situation both times. The thing is I hadn't been planning on making this video until barely more than twenty-four hours before it was uploaded. I had begun scripting it, but wasn't planning on putting it together until later, if at all, and the format was supposed to be different, and instead I was in the middle of doing a traditional episode of Read Right to Left. I was due to put the episode up on a Saturday and had filmed everything on the Tuesday prior, and that's when the technical problems started. I couldn't get the audio to record properly, and ended up recording half the script three times before it finally stuck; then the video footage wouldn't transfer from my camera to my computer properly, and cut off the last three or four minutes of my recording session; then my audio problems continued as I recorded the voice-over portion of the video. But still I was willing to work through all of this, until the final straw came on Friday afternoon, when I tried to arrange the video and voice-over portions of the review together, and found that somehow roughly a third of the audio had been corrupted and lost. By this point I realized I had too many things to do over again to do the review, and now I had less than a full day to make some kind of replacement, because I had already reserved a timeslot in the TGWTG release schedule. Less than a full day, because my graduation ceremony happened to fall on the same day that the video would be going up. So I took the half-complete script of the ZEXAL review, adapted it to not include any shots of myself, and recorded myself running through the script faster than I've ever done before.

27 May 2011

A Time For Everything - Dhother's Backstory

Well after about a week and a half of writing, here it is - the backstory for my character in the Wyrmwick DnD campaign over at LordKaT Live.

Some things you might want to know before jumping into this - 1) It's pretty long at over 5,000 words. 2) This is actually more like two stories woven into one, and there are frequent shifts between the two throughout the text. 3) These shifts are emphasized by jumps between third-person past tense and first-person present tense, and I often find that disorienting so I figured I'd give you a heads-up. 4) I ended up rewriting nearly all of the first-person portions after last weekend's session even though I think the first version flowed together better. I think at one point there was a more focused theme throughout the whole thing, but I simply couldn't finish the first version what with the way everything went down last week.

Anyhow, here it is:

08 February 2011

Read Right to Left - Baby Steps

It's Read Right to Left's two-year anniversary! Let's celebrate with a tennis manga! ...Wait, what?

Special thanks to Matthew Armitage, Jill Jane, and Ryan Randall for helping me out with a scene.

26 January 2011

Pokemon BW Ep. 1-2 Summary: I'm Gettin' Too Old For This

Of late I've been looking at my little blog and thinking "Damn, I don't make posts here often enough." While thinking of some way to regularly make content, I started watching the new season of Pokemon - a series I haven't watched regularly in almost ten years. In Japan the anime is now called Pokemon - Best Wishes, and it now coincides with the recently-released Black and White versions of the game. A lot has obviously changed in the series from when I left it (somewhere between the third and fourth movies), and watching the show has overall been a very nostalgic experience...although I've also been reminded of how weird the show is, too. So I figured, what the hell, I'll see if I can produce something entertaining just by watching the show and typing up my thoughts on it, episode by episode. If things work out well, I'll have something that I can put up on the blog each week. If not, at least I'll have had fun doing the first few. Let's start with the first two episodes.

18 January 2011

The Meaning of MAGfest (9) (To Me [At Least])

Plenty of producers have already made VLogs, Twitter posts, and the like describing their reactions to the events at MAGfest. Me, I started writing down my thoughts even before my plane out of DC had taken off, and now it's all sort of grown into an unnecessarily long essay.