30 August 2011

Read Right to Left - Nintendo manga


  1. Far as I've researched, the Samus manga is supposed to be cannon. It was released at the time of Metroid Fusion and was supposed to be the official backstory.

  2. The Four Swords+ manga has to be one of the better Zelda mangas out of the ones that are out, but Majora's Mask comes even to it-- I do wish they could have been allowed to do it for two volumes though like Ocarina of Time. They had to cut out the whole thing with Romani's Ranch due to that, and it seems like a shame.

    The Metroid manga's pretty cool though, and Pokemon Special? OH YEAAAAH. I'd be into seeing a video of that in full and a look at the Special series as a whole-- maybe even a small look at the two other general series, if only to stare in horror at the shoujo one.

  3. hey i loved all your vids and well i do dissagree with some of your points but to each is own.

    anyways i am one of assistant to the manga or manhwa (really manga manhwa they are the samething) and maybe you might want to know more about manga production and stuff.

    the manga is Witch Hunter. and do not let bakuman fool you what they do is sometimes IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    so yar just thought if you wanted to know more of how the creation takes place

  4. Awesome. Looking for PA now.