26 January 2011

Pokemon BW Ep. 1-2 Summary: I'm Gettin' Too Old For This

Of late I've been looking at my little blog and thinking "Damn, I don't make posts here often enough." While thinking of some way to regularly make content, I started watching the new season of Pokemon - a series I haven't watched regularly in almost ten years. In Japan the anime is now called Pokemon - Best Wishes, and it now coincides with the recently-released Black and White versions of the game. A lot has obviously changed in the series from when I left it (somewhere between the third and fourth movies), and watching the show has overall been a very nostalgic experience...although I've also been reminded of how weird the show is, too. So I figured, what the hell, I'll see if I can produce something entertaining just by watching the show and typing up my thoughts on it, episode by episode. If things work out well, I'll have something that I can put up on the blog each week. If not, at least I'll have had fun doing the first few. Let's start with the first two episodes.

18 January 2011

The Meaning of MAGfest (9) (To Me [At Least])

Plenty of producers have already made VLogs, Twitter posts, and the like describing their reactions to the events at MAGfest. Me, I started writing down my thoughts even before my plane out of DC had taken off, and now it's all sort of grown into an unnecessarily long essay.