31 October 2010

Halloween poem "The Story of Beth"

A few days ago you may have seen me post, in a series of consecutive Tweets, a poem that I wrote in a fit of spontaneity. Since it's officially Halloween now, at least in my time zone, I figured I'd put it all up in a single place so you can read it from top to bottom. I don't know if anyone enjoyed it, but I figure it can't hurt to put somewhere, especially since I need to get back to putting stuff on this blog regularly.

I'm not certain if there's a particular term for the format of this poem, but each line consists of seven syllables, and alternating lines rhyme in each four-line stanza. So line one rhymes with line three and line two with line four. I wouldn't really call the poem scary, but it is intended to be grim.

30 October 2010

Read Right to Left - ALIVE

My camera returned from Canon just in time for me to make a video for Halloween. Special thanks to my roommates James Berger and Jill Jane for helping make the final scene happen.

Read Right to Left - 8 Most Satisfying Deaths in Manga

My camera was broken when I made this video, so you won't be able to gaze upon my devilishly handsome features. You WILL be able to hear the alluring sound of my voice, however.

And if that doesn't sound appealing I talk about people dying, so there's that.

29 October 2010

"Anime" by Soulja Boy Review

I've been neglecting this blog since...what, July? UNFORGIVABLE! I'm sorry for my laziness, folks.