30 October 2010

Read Right to Left - ALIVE

My camera returned from Canon just in time for me to make a video for Halloween. Special thanks to my roommates James Berger and Jill Jane for helping make the final scene happen.


  1. I'm surprised you picked the race aspect of Black over the AIDS aspect... Y'know... Disease from Africa, gained by eating monkey meat...

    Just sayin'

  2. To be honest, unless there is more direct cases of racism in the Manga against Africans, I'm seeing this as a case of unfortunate implications. Black was most likely named after the actual colour, Africa was picked because he needed a place where unknown viruses were hidden, and I'm surprised that you were more concerned with having the monkey be a carrier for the virus than him having been eaten.

    The end of the review was great, but the rest wasn't up to your best tbh.

  3. This was your best. The best you've ever done; funny, helpful, interesting, insightful, just the best.