30 June 2013

Read Right To Left - Attack on Titan

27 May 2013

5 Terrible Evil Plans

I made a pretty horrendous mistake late in the video and had to perform a pretty embarrassingly obvious re-dub. And just to make absolutely certain he gets proper credit, I want to thank Skitch for the tune he whipped up for me.

30 April 2013

Read Right To Left - Gurren Lagann

Doing this video reminded me of how awesome Gurren Lagann's soundtrack is. Can't believe I ever forgot, really.

In other news, my title card artist set up a Facebook page for me, so go check that out.

29 March 2013

Small Page, Big Screen: Speed Racer

A video discussing the film based on the anime based on the manga. And to a lesser extent the manga, too. And to an even lesser extent on the anime.

27 February 2013

Read Right To Left - Marmalade Boy

It's been years since I covered a shoujo manga on RRTL. Find out what I have to say about this series from the 90s.

31 January 2013

The Legend of Koizumi

After more than three years using my old camera, I finally upgraded to a new camcorder. The entire shooting process changed as a result, and while there are a few kinks I'll have to work out, I think it'll make the entire process a lot more efficient. Anyway, enjoy this video about mahjong death matches.

29 October 2012

Read Right To Left - Franken Fran, featuring JewWario

So for Halloween, I decided to do something a little special. Franken Fran is very different from my usual fare, but a certain set of chapters revolve around a group of Kamen Rider parodies, called the Sentinels. And of course, I couldn't in good conscience discuss Kamen Rider without asking the FamiKamen Rider to join me...

29 September 2012

Read Right to Left - Let's Make Forbidden Love

This is the very first josei manga I ever read, and it gave me a very poor impression of the manga written for that demographic as a whole. I have since discovered some josei series that are considerably better written, and a few that are at the very least far more memorable.