27 May 2013

5 Terrible Evil Plans

I made a pretty horrendous mistake late in the video and had to perform a pretty embarrassingly obvious re-dub. And just to make absolutely certain he gets proper credit, I want to thank Skitch for the tune he whipped up for me.


  1. Let's see...

    Number one is completely spot on. That is by far the stupidest evil plan I have ever read in my life. Perfect for the first spot.

    Number two was... well, it wasn't really one terrible evil plan, so much as several stupid lapses of judgment. I think that was more of a terrible evil mastermind than anything else. Though, I guess that applies to all of them.

    Number three was pretty good. Picking a fight against ants who have access to giant mechs, termonuclear devices and psychic powers for the sake of recreation is a pretty dumb idea, however you look at it.

    Number four... is not particularly uncommon, but it's still a damn good example of what evil overlords are not supposed to do, so it's cool.

    I don't... get number five. I think you tried to point out that she made one stupid decision near the end, so that makes her look incompetent. I... guess that makes her a dumb villain? I'm sorry, it's just... even if her plan had no guarantee of succeeding, she -won-.

    It's true, she was overconfident about her loosely established powers, but... she won. She wanted to see the world burn, and she did. I didn't like Doubt's ending either, but I still find it very difficult to see her as incompetent because of that simple fact, so I wish you would've picked a different number 5... I don't think you were that confident about it either, because there were several cuts in the middle of your explanation. Though, I guess that could just be a coincidence.

    Anyways, it was ok. I like it when you're more enthusiastic about your videos like the top 8 manga badasses, but I think just having more short jokes like the one about having a rich businessman for a father would be more than enough.

  2. This was an interesting list. Some villains are truly not written well.

    Regarding the video itself, it was nice, but not all too lively, I'd suggest mildly kicking stuff up a notch next time :)

  3. Why do I have the sudden urge to obey you?