20 June 2010

One of the Many Reasons Chick-fil-A Is Better Than KFC

Let me relate this story chronologically without framing it, since I'm sure anyone who has seen my recent Twitter posts knows where this is going.

Yesterday at about 1 pm I was getting ready to drive from my apartment in Gainesville to Palm Harbor to spend the week with my family between Summer semesters. The drive usually takes between two and two and a half hours, I hadn't eaten since waking up about three hours earlier, and so I decided to get something to eat because I was starving. So first I drove to Chick-fil-A.

12 June 2010

Vlog 6-12-10: Talkin' 'bout Karate Kid

I saw the remake of Karate Kid last night, and I thought I might as well share my thoughts on it with you guys since I hadn't made a vlog in a while. I welcome the commentary of anyone else who saw the film.