27 May 2011

A Time For Everything - Dhother's Backstory

Well after about a week and a half of writing, here it is - the backstory for my character in the Wyrmwick DnD campaign over at LordKaT Live.

Some things you might want to know before jumping into this - 1) It's pretty long at over 5,000 words. 2) This is actually more like two stories woven into one, and there are frequent shifts between the two throughout the text. 3) These shifts are emphasized by jumps between third-person past tense and first-person present tense, and I often find that disorienting so I figured I'd give you a heads-up. 4) I ended up rewriting nearly all of the first-person portions after last weekend's session even though I think the first version flowed together better. I think at one point there was a more focused theme throughout the whole thing, but I simply couldn't finish the first version what with the way everything went down last week.

Anyhow, here it is: