29 September 2012

Read Right to Left - Let's Make Forbidden Love

This is the very first josei manga I ever read, and it gave me a very poor impression of the manga written for that demographic as a whole. I have since discovered some josei series that are considerably better written, and a few that are at the very least far more memorable.


  1. So much stuff I have yet to read... The first Josei manga I ever picked up was about a grown man learning how to raise a child, so I was under the impression that Josei manga were all manipulative and dealt with complicated subjects.

    I'd say I was being naive, but I'd like to think of it as "blissfully unaware".

    This sounds like a reverse magical girlfriend plot, and you can always reason those out by pointing out that, while not exactly responsible father material, having a smart, attractive and reliable young man at your beck and call waiting for you at home is never a bad thing.

    1. Please can you post the name of that manga sounds interesting

  2. cool blog. thanks for the posts.

  3. Gotta put a plug in for Honey And Clover if your looking for a better Joesei Manga heck Bunny Drop, All My Darling Daughters Restrante Paradesio all are far and above better even some of the Joesi horror series like Dolls or The EMbalmer are better choices if your looking for something in the Horror vain even something like Loveless but I digress.