29 September 2011

Read Right to Left - Love Pistols

I've gained enough practice over the past few years and in particular over the past few months that I actually finished this video more quickly than I predicted I would. I feel like it would've been finished even more quickly if not for the amount of times I came across a particularly bizarre or sexual image and was forced to take a step back and ask myself, "Why am I reviewing this?"

The fact that I followed through with this video despite having to ignore the many, many images in the manga that don't show up in this episode and are far less work-safe than the ones that do has forced me to reconsider my stance on material that is appropriate for Read Right to Left. I blame Rollo T and LordKaT for my now being far more comfortable talking about R-rated material to an audience. Speaking of those two, be sure to check out Chris and my podcast, Weekly Manga Recap, broadcast live every Sunday at 5 pm at live.lordkat.com, and arriving the following Monday night on thatguywiththeglasses.com

NOTE: A Twitter follower, @roxannablack, pointed out to me that yaoi are specifically sexual works, not shounen-ai. Shounen-ai titles deal with romantic relationships between men, but are not necessarily sexual. Or to put it another way, all yaoi are shounen-ai, but not all shounen-ai are yaoi. So my referring to the work as a shounen-ai in the video is not incorrect (as it is both), but I DO incorrectly state that shounen-ai works are about "gay sex". So thanks Melanee for pointing out my mistake. Everybody else: she has some damn cool-looking artwork over at her blog that you can check out.


  1. Strangely I am not freaked out by this manga, it seems very normal... I either seen too much anime and manga or I am just really weird XD anyway an interesting review by you here Y-Ruler, I am a long time watcher and first time commenter and seen some of your reviews and to see you reviewing something that is different is a very refreshing thing to watch.

    As usual you lay down the ground work well, give the premise and some of the details really well. I think I would agree with you since I read a few romance manga and the way the characters looked from the pages you have shown and what you have said would sound annoying and literally shoe horned in to satisfy the Yaoi obcessed community. Great work as usual and your next episode goes well.

  2. Is it wrong that my mind went straight to Fruits Basket when I saw the animal transformation thing?

    This was a good review, though it's obviously not a series I'll be checking out any time soon.

  3. Hey! I've been viewing most of your episodes and I really like the takes on the series so far (ok, I'm going to be honest, I'm only avoiding the Prince of Tennis ones, but I take a pont that they are very accurated about why you don't like it). In general I agreed with most of the manga reviews so far. Keep going!

    I can say that, althought I love reading and shipping yaoi (ejem), I still don't get why Sex Pistols got so much popularity. My friends often tell me "Sex Pistols is great, read it", but I'm still "dunno, it doesn't get me..." and you just helped me to have an approach to this one... I still don't dig into it, especially because of the mpreg... shrug.

    BTW... I also do title cards, logos, arts and anything else. I'm already painting the cards for ERod. If want help, go check my deviantart. I'd be thrilled to be useful :) http://mochita-chan.deviantart.com