20 November 2011

Small Page, Big Screen - Introduction

Here's what I guess you could call the pilot of a new series I'm going to try out for a while. I'd really appreciate any feedback you guys can give me, especially considering I'm trying out a new character with this. I've gotten very used to speaking in a certain way while recording for Read Right to Left, and the intonation I used for this video was very different, and I still have to tweak it and get used to it. I know this is only a very brief preview, but still, anything I hear from you guys will be much appreciated.


  1. Until the end there you seemed more bored than anything else, so I'm not sure about the character.

    I like the premise, and i do hope to see more.

  2. I like how you talk in this. I laughed several times because of how you talked. (And repeated lines which always means I found it extra funny.) The fact that you call this a new 'character' yet still introduce yourself as Y Ruler of time kinda confused me. I see how your manage reviewer self and this self is different but they don't appear to be fully separate characters.

    I like how you mixed pictures to explain your concept back with footage of yourself and the going the extreme route before bringing it back down to Earth.

    I don't really have criticism, sorry for that but hope you like the compliment too. I look forward to the next episode.

  3. I think this is quite an interesting premise to explore. There's certainly a lot to work with, considering the number of films already existing from Japan and the...movies...being created in the US.

    Just a suggestion, but if you run out of movies, there's always the musicals. Those could count in a pinch. They're live action and attempt the same thing movies do while working with the actual laws of physics.

    Looking forward to how this turns out!

  4. First off I love the premise of this show and am very much looking forward to the first episode. I also like the way you did this video and the way you talked.

    That said besides the new speach pattern there's no real difference I see between this character and how you are for RRtL. If you're open to suggestions I'd say just go for a simple "costume" change. This character feels like he should wear a flashy shirt and sunglasses. But that's just me. No matter what I think this series is going to be great.

  5. ummmmm, shouldn't you, you know actually have a first show before you can say your doing a second show? i mean i like your work, but you don't really release often enough for anyone to majorly take this seriously, i mean id love to get behind it, but i as a fan don't trust this to last, i hope it does though

  6. Damn it's great to hear from you. At first I thought there'd be a video up at the end of every month, so it was a bit disappointing to not see one for so long. Hopefully they'll become more frequent in the future (I won't get my hopes up for weekly videos since manga takes longer to read than regular comics).
    Ehem, anyway.
    Firstly I did laugh. I'm not sure if it's due to the bitter/sarcastic jokes you made or just due to the dialogue altogether since your speaking was different from normal.
    Second is that this concept can work if approached correctly, after all people do reviews of comparing book-movie adaptations and manage to pull it off, I'm sure you can.
    Third is that I'd think it would actually be slightly better if at the end of the review you say which one is better. It should be obvious from whatever positive/negatives you state, but it would still be nice to have one last word thrown in.
    Can't wait to see the full video, I know there will be a crap-ton of editing and work behind it and can only pray it'll be a Christmas gift.

  7. Hmm an interesting concept and something I actually thought about doing myself at one point since I noticed quite a few movies adapted from manga/anime. You certainly have the series thought out but personally I would have liked to see this idea in action rather then a brief explanation video.

    I know you probably want to explain the concept of the show before actually getting into it yet I think people would have gotten the idea by watching the show and seeing how you do it, just saying thats my 2 cents on that aspect.

    Other than that not sure what to think without seeing this show get on though I am not sure if the slight voice change is your character or not but it sounded like a slightly faster, business like version of what you do for Read Right to Left. Its not a bad thing just saying that was the only thing I noticed.

    Overall a good show idea and it would be interesting to see if you have any movies I never heard of, as I know of quite a few especially saw the Death Note one recently (not a fan of Death Note's original manga or anime but checked it out anyway) and thought it would be interesting to see how different or similar the movie is compared to the original.

    I wish you all the best of luck with this show and if you ever need any help in any info, research or just what movie to choose I can always help if you need it (as unlikely that would be ^^;), anyway once again good luck and most importantly have fun with it ^_^

  8. Y; The only problem I would say this has is you dont seem to be enthusiastic. Unless that is what you want to come off as I think that is the only thing you need to work on just a little bit. =]

    Besides that this is very informative and I cannot wait until the next one comes around! Keep it rolling!

  9. Hm...

    As the self-proclaimed number 1 fan of Y: Ruler of Time's sexy voice, I'm sorry to tell you this. It still sounds like you.

    I mean, I can see how it could be a problem for you, since you seem to be looking for a new personality to go along with the new segment, but as for me, I'm just glad it's the same deep, badass voice as always.

    As for suggestions... well, I think you could pull off the monotone, motormouth approach as your standard voice and slowing down for emphasis, but it's gotta go slightly faster or I won't be able to tell the difference. Best of luck.

  10. Woah wait, you think it's bad Keanu is being casted for Cowboy Bebop?..I love Keanu Reeves! Oh well, I knew there'd be one thing we eventually disagree on

  11. I kinda get the feeling your trying to be a tough guy persona, which I dunno if that fits; seems a bit random. Im not sure a character would even be nessesary since Im interested in your own personal views on the films

    Would you consider Higurashi films? They transitioned to manga but it did start off as a visual novel; I dont know whether the manga only rule is strict or you could make leeway for it :P