30 December 2012

New Manga From 2012


  1. Well this seemed like a fascinating year... shame I still did not read one manga during it. Go figure!

  2. yo, not a dig but rather legit curiosity, as I don't know if you've ever addressed it, but how do you personally jutify using fan-translations? Do ya buy the official release to make up for it, or what? It's something I often wonder about with a lot of reviewers and entertainers, and a thing i've had to deal with myself recently.

    thanks for reading the comment if ya do, and good show!

  3. well that covers half of the output of Weekly Shonen Jump, one V-Jump series (though let's be real, no-one cares about V-Jump) and a few Jump SQ series, but it'd be interesting to know his moral thoughts on all the unlicensed or non-jump series he's touched upon, I guess?