29 July 2011

Reaction Shots - Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL

There's a bit of a story behind the creation of this video that I feel needs to be told, at least to provide a more vague explanation than the one in the video itself. At the beginning of the video I allude to technical problems, but unlike my most satisfying deaths video, I try not to sound so mellow about it, although I make light of the situation both times. The thing is I hadn't been planning on making this video until barely more than twenty-four hours before it was uploaded. I had begun scripting it, but wasn't planning on putting it together until later, if at all, and the format was supposed to be different, and instead I was in the middle of doing a traditional episode of Read Right to Left. I was due to put the episode up on a Saturday and had filmed everything on the Tuesday prior, and that's when the technical problems started. I couldn't get the audio to record properly, and ended up recording half the script three times before it finally stuck; then the video footage wouldn't transfer from my camera to my computer properly, and cut off the last three or four minutes of my recording session; then my audio problems continued as I recorded the voice-over portion of the video. But still I was willing to work through all of this, until the final straw came on Friday afternoon, when I tried to arrange the video and voice-over portions of the review together, and found that somehow roughly a third of the audio had been corrupted and lost. By this point I realized I had too many things to do over again to do the review, and now I had less than a full day to make some kind of replacement, because I had already reserved a timeslot in the TGWTG release schedule. Less than a full day, because my graduation ceremony happened to fall on the same day that the video would be going up. So I took the half-complete script of the ZEXAL review, adapted it to not include any shots of myself, and recorded myself running through the script faster than I've ever done before.

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