30 March 2010

Vlog 3-30-10

I turn 21 in a few days. I will continue to drink cranberry juice during my vlogs when this happens.


  1. Hey three questions for you.
    1 Have you thought about doing a reaction shot to go over sports manga in the style of your first one?
    2 Having read two very good sports manga that you talked about (Ippo and Eyeshield 21) can you recommend any other sports manga?
    3 What in your opinon makes a good sports manga? I personaly like to see the guy who doesn't know anything come up through the ranks.

  2. If you were writing Prince of Tennis from scratch what would it be like and who in your opinion is THE most spineless, whiny pussy in manga/anime history (excluding Shinji from EVA).

    Also a serious topic question. My brother tried to watch Bleach the other day and thought it was stupid because it bounced back and forth from being a Highschool comedy to a serious supernatural action series and thinks any series that does that is stupid including One Piece (even though he's never seen it being the cynic he is). So my question is this (try to re-word it if I say it awkwordly): Should series perferctly balance comedy and drama (like One Piece which I love) or should a series stay in one genre catagory to avoid mood-whiplash.

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  4. first off, let me say: happy birthday, dude!

    before the questions, i wanted to comment on your bit about Bleach. while the reveal about Aizen may not be an ass-pull, it's still an incredibly stupid twist. having Aizen be some all-powerful puppet master who's been pulling Ichigo's strings and leading him to Aizen cheapens everything that has happened in the manga so far, in my opinion. Ichigo hasnt overcome any obstacles, he hasn't met any challenges, he's simply progressed on a set path. That really kills any sense of accomplishment i had about him.

    as for what's coming up about Ichigo's family, i've had my own theory for a while. i dont know how widely held this theory is, but i personally think Ichigo is a member of the Shiba family. we already know that he looks pretty much exactly like Kaien, and Isshin looks somewhat like Ganju. i'm thinking Isshin getting involved with Ichigo's mother and later leaving Soul Society altogether is what led to the Shiba family being cast out like they were. i dunno, just my two cents. maybe i'm right. if not, i'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out :)

    anyway, question(s):

    what's your process for reviewing a manga? do you read it once to take the story in fresh, and then again looking at it more critically, or do you do it all in one read through?

    you mentioned that Kubo has performed a few ass-pulls in his time writing Bleach. what do you think is the most blatant and ridiculous ass-pull so far?

    in regards to my comments above, do you feel like the reveal that Aizen has been pulling Ichigo's strings all along somewhat cheapens his accomplishments too, or do you think maybe Aizen is toying with Ichigo's head?

    as always, you provide some great insight and a nicely level-headed view of the big-three. keep up the good work, my man. and i look forward to up-coming RRtL's :)

  5. Fairy Tail!

    God dammit, why won't you read it!??!

    Yes, I admit I'm being an annoying fanboy, but seriously it's one of the top 5 manga being released right now, up there with One Piece, Full Metal Alchemist, etc...

    Speaking of One Piece... well, yeah, teasing us with Shanks then having it just end... I get the feeling most people think it's kinda abrupt, but I think it makes sense; two of the world powers fight to exhaustion, then a third shows up at full strength?

    Not really gonna be an interesting fight, so calling the whole thing off makes the most sense, even if it does feel kinda... sudden.

    Anyway, on your note about fanservice, I was wondering about your opinion on series that typically use fanservice as a crutch, to the point where the series is more well known for it's panty shots than it's story or characters? (To-LOVE-ru comes to mind)

    And also, what's your general opinion on manga spin offs/retellings of a series that's already on another medium? (think Gundam manga that follows the most recent show, or Legend of Zelda manga following the most recent game)

  6. I can explain why, at least for me, Toshiro's one of the more awesome Bleach characters. He's one of the only Captains that doesn't have a cheap Bankai. He, Zaraki, and Komamura are really the only three (Ichigo doesn't count because he's not technically a captain).
    Soi Fong's only takes two hits to kill someone. We'll have to wait to see Gin and Unohana's. Aizen takes away people's ability to perceive reality, which is awesome but also a cheap way to win. Byakuya makes you slow down while he's got thousands of swords to throw at you and can move normally. Shunsui's and Ukitake's bankais haven't been seen yet, either. Tosen takes away people's senses altogether, except for pain, which is extremely cheap. Kurotsuchi poisons, paralyzes, and crushes you.

    Also, a question. Do you think that, in light of recent events, this might be the final arc to Bleach, since there's no way that Kubo would introduce a new archvillain at this point?

  7. Y, out of curiosity, have you read any/all of the following, and if so would you care to offer your opinions/critique of them?

    -To Love Ru
    -666 Satan
    -Deadman Wonderland

  8. Hell yes!! Tokkiko is AWESOME, Buso Renkin is a very unappreciated manga/anime (Check out the opening theme if you haven't already so catchy) reviwe please??
    Speaking of future review suggestions while I'm at it now that Fullmetal Alchemist is pretty much over will you be reviweing it when it is finshed??

  9. What do you think of the manga of Akira Toriyama besides Dragon Ball?

  10. First, Thanks for talking deeply about Dance. I feel that you did it the right way, when you talked about it. Second, what do you think of 07-Ghost and what does a Lead need to do to redeem himself in your eyes when he goes into emo-mode? Also why don't you want to read Fairy Tail? is there something about it that turns it off.
    P.S: Rum and coke so good