16 March 2010

Vlog 3-15-10

Because I figured I'd spend a fairly great amount of time stating my opinion about the Funimation Dance in the Vampire Bund controversy, I made a separate video for it in response to a question asked in the last post.

Censorship video:

The rest of the questions answered:


  1. In manga who is your badass heroine and what is the most violent manga you've read?

  2. First you did pronounce Cenobite right. The name comes from what Pinhead is in the Hellraiser movies.
    Next by the time you read and answered my question I had read up to the fight with the Indonisian champ and I see what you mean with getting predictable.
    Finally my question: what would the new Prince of Tennis have to from here on out to not end up a huge clusterfuck like the first one?

  3. I'm confused on one point; why would Ippo winning with one big punch be so disappointing?

    Ippo always wins with one big punch!

    It's a boxing manga, he can't exactly win by kicking the guy.

    Still, I can agree with you that the series has gotten really repetitive, but that's just the nature of the sport, and the mangaka putting too much focus on that aspect of Ippo's life rather than focusing on his friends, his rivals, his job, his "girlfriend," and so on.

    It's actually all rather meta; all Ippo ever does is train and fight, so all we ever see Ippo do is train and fight.

    Anyway, for a question, I'm wondering if you'd consider the end of the most recent One Piece arc to be the perfect point in which to review the series up till now?

    For one thing, this is the end of a lot of legends in One Piece; hearing rumours about the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard, many years and hundreds of chapters ago, now he's dead; finally getting confirmation that One Piece is real in some way, shape or form, rather than just being the myth it started out as all the way back at chapter one; seeing all the Warlords of the Sea, who once upon a time were just names with shadows...

    Lots of recent events have been eluded to for years now, and with the latest arc coming to a close, most of those mysteries are now answered, and that's not even getting into the ones that aren't answered.

    Plus, I'm betting we'll be getting a time skip of some kind soon, because, as much as I would enjoy it, showing how each and every member of the crew makes it back to Luffy would take ages, and while I think they all deserve to get their share of the spotlight, this is still Luffy's story, and putting him out of the picture for 100+ chapters simply isn't gonna happen.

  4. I completely agree with you. People overreact entirely too much. I love your VLogs, as well as RRtL. You're both funny and insightful, and I greatly enjoy the opinions of an intelligent person.

    Here's my questions:
    1) Have you ever read/watched Princess Resurrection and, if so, what do you think?
    2) Do you enjoy horror in any manner, be it cinema, books, manga, or otherwise?

  5. How dare you not be able to control the sun!!
    Thanks for the info. I never would have thought that luffy is voiced by a women in the original japanese.
    Do you think Toshiro Hitsugaya's high popularity is well deserved?

  6. oh, i forgot to mention the e instead of the y in my name was because...well...poor literacy is KEWL.

    anyway, question. that's what i'm here for. so Mr. Ruler of Time, if that is your real name, answer me these queries three:

    have ever had an idea for a manga series that you think would be great if you could get in touch with the right people to make it happen?

    after recently seeing the poll in bleach about the top 10 fights so far in the series, i wondered what your top 10 would be. could you at least give us maybe a quick top 5 or at least top 3?

    this last question is very important: what's your zombie plan?

  7. WHAT is your quest?

    WHAT is the square root of pi?

    WHAT should i do with a shrubbery, whack it over second hand copies of prince of tennis or just plant it in a nice garden somewhere?

  8. First of, I have to say you're doing a great job with these vlogs and your show. Keep up the good work.

    And now for the question.

    As shounen is technically a demographic and shounen manga is marketed towards boys of various age groups, is gratuitious fanservice for girls (homoerotic undertones and such) distracting to you as a reader?
    And if it doesn't bother you, when does fanservice reach a point when it becomes a hindrance and affects your ability to enjoy reading the series?

    This just question pops to mind with series like Prince of Tennis, Naruto and (sometimes) D.Grayman where the amount of catering to girls instead of the targeted demographic really reaches a point of absurdity and stops being subtle.
    So what are your thought on that.

    ~ Ms. Finch ~

  9. What do you think about these rumours of a proposed Bleach live action film. I personally think it is a terrible idea. The manga is far from over and I fear the worst after Dragonball Evolution.

  10. thought of another one :D

    are there any manga series that you're somewhat embarrassed to admit you like? (i for one really like Chibi Vampire. and no, i will not turn in my man cards.)

  11. Hey Y, I have a couple Toriko related questions...

    1) What are your thoughts about the latest chapters of the current arc so far? (As of this post its up to chapter 89)

    2) What do you think of Tommyrod, the current big bad of the arc?

  12. Have you ever read Fairy Tail? And if so what do you think about it compared to One Piece and the other 2 mainstream Manga out right now?