03 March 2010

Vlog 3-2-10


  1. What are your thoughts on Dragonball?

    Also have you read any Seinen Manga (if you haven't, then check out BERSERK or Hellsing)

  2. (Real Question here)
    As mainstream music has evolved to a state where the videoclip makes the song more popular than actual lyrics and mastery of an instrument, do you think the same can be said of Anime in contrast to their Manga? And do you think this situation is different in Japan?

    (no questions after this, feel free to skip during the vlog)

    You commented in this vlog on your amount of followers doubling, probably referring to the list that Blogspot makes for you. At the moment of typing, the numbers shown is 30, but I think it's at least double.

    The "follow" button gives an RSS feed and adds people to that list, but anyone can just as easily request the RSS feed and add it to their feed reader without clicking that button, thus bypassing being added to the followers list.

    Sorry if I'm being "Captain Obvious" here...

  3. You say in some of your videos that in Naruto you want the show to be more focused around other characters. Can you say what character or characters you would like to see get more of the spotlight on the manga and why?

  4. Fairy Tail!

    Read it!

    Now that I know you don't actually read it, I highly suggest you do; the art, writing, story and characters are all very well done, and it's one of the few manga that keeps it's arcs short and to the point, making for easier stop-go reading when you can only read so much, unlike One Piece which can take years to resolve most of it's stories.

    Well, it does NOW, but then again most manga do when they're just starting out, but FT is at, like, 170~ chapters and still has shorter arcs than most that reach that point...

    Anime version's good, too, though they took out all the fanservice and replaced it with comedy, and I'm not sure if that's good or bad, it makes the show as a whole seem more kid friendly than the manga, but the manga's already pretty light in tone so it really just makes it seem more juvenile and silly than the manga, which worries me on how they'll handle the serious moments when they occur.

    Oh, right, question, umm...

    Typically, how long do you give a manga you've just start reading to prove itself to you that it's worth reading?

    I normally give a manga about 20-30 chapters to catch my interest, sometimes less if the chapters are longer than most, sometimes more if I see potential, but ultimately I'll stop reading when I think the manga isn't worth the time it would take to see it through to the end.

  5. I'm sorry for my poor spelling the last time I commented. Are you going to do a top (Insert number here) best/worst Manga Deaths? Also I do recommended Claymore to you. A manga I read Recently is Nora: The Last Chronicle of Devildom have you heard of it?

  6. Doc Holidae is actually from my days in high school. i was the white kid that every school had who could rap. everyone needed a nickname to go by, and i had just seen Tombstone for the first time. thus, Doc Holidae. i know, not quite as cool as i'd like it to be, but there ya go. :)

    what manga series has the best art style that you've ever seen? (be it best use of shading, depth, black-and-white contrast, etc.)

    are there any series you've read that are just too bland or boring to review? (i myself am a huge anime fan and have come across many series that are just too bland to level any interesting criticism against)

    i heard Kubo announced that there will be another arc after the current one in Bleach. given the way the current arc is going, how (if at all) do you think he'll be able to pull that off? it seems to me that having Aizen fall and another villain step out and announce "ohai, i'm the puppetmaster that was pulling aizen strings" would fall flat because of the total lack of setup. on the other hand, having aizen escape seems like it would be agiant "fuck you" to the readers have have been waiting all this time to see a climax.

    god forbid it ends with a boring old "aizen was doing all of this to keep the big bad from making a personal appearance" plot twist :P

  7. You speak about Hajime no Ippo quite a few times so what are your thoughts on it and will we see a RRTL on it? At the time of this writting I am at Ippo's first title defence.

  8. To answer your question yes i did hear that but nooooooo idea what it was @_@


    would you agree that Sasuke/Kishimoto is the one true pairing of Naruto?

    And... if it wont cause to much brain damage, can you think of a manner how Sasuke can possibly so much as stand let alone keep fighting after fighting Four kages, a bunch of Samurai, followed by the Gaara and the Raikage, followed by Danzou, fallowed by a brief tussle with Kakashi as well as near blind?

    And to lighten the mood from those

    Ichigo fighting blindfolded? Yay or Neigh?

  9. I know on TGWTG you have a thread where you list manga that you might do for RRTL but how exactly do you make an episode of RRTL (as in choosing the manga, finding images, finding time to read it etc)?

    Also, have you ever thought of reviewing a manga based movie or game along with another TGWTG Reviewer for a special?

  10. When making anime/manga, what do you think are the strong points of each format like storytelling, pacing and so on?

  11. You've stated that the worst manga you ever read was New Prince of Tennis. What makes it even worse than the original Prince of Tennis?

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  13. Hey two quick ones:
    Were do you go about buying your manga, and Second what do you think of Dance in the Vampire Bund and the big censorship thing with FUNamation?

  14. I have just started watching the One Piece anime pretty much because of your strong recommendations toward it. What is your opinion on FUNamation's dub of the series. I think that it's a good dub except for Luffy (why is he voiced by a woman?)

    What do you think of the Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood?

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  16. Out of all the manga I read by far my favorite is One Piece due to it's really memorable characters. So I have two questions, of the Strawhat crew who do you think has the saddest back story and who is your favorite One Piece villain? Mine is probably Kaku. Plus love the show and was the Reaction Shots of One Piece the only review you'll do of One Piece and Bleach or will they get full length reviews?