22 February 2010

Vlog 2-22-10


  1. Yes, Zaraki is awesome. All hail Zaraki.

    Byakuya versus Ichigo spawned too much yaoi fanfiction >_>

    Yeah, not a real question on Megatokyo, sorry about that :P

    In my opinion, it's like the ultimate fanboy fantasy of "Manga come from Japan, Japan must be so cool and this is what it's like". And as it went on, they tried to add the "slice-of-life" genre to it combined with fantasy elements... not a good idea...

  2. i'm sure you've been asked this before, but what would you recommend to someone who's new to reading manga? i read a couple series(Bleach and Chibi Vampire) and i'm looking for something new, but i know pretty much nothing about what's good and what to avoid.

    who are some consistently good authors that you'd recommend?

    and lastly, i dont really have the money to go out buying up new volumes of a bunch of different series. i dont know if you condone scanlation sites such as onemanga.com or mangafox.com, but if so, are there any others you could recommend?

  3. oh, i forgot to mention, i totally agree with you on the Hitsugaya vs Ichimaru fight. NOTHING happened in that fight. if i remember correctly, it was just them trading blows for a bit before Hinamori jumps in. OH THE EXCITEMENT!

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  5. Hey, man Robin is awesome!

    She's also very needed to stop the crew from being a huge sausage fest, plus she's the heart of the whole CP9 arc, which was, what, two years of some of the best writing One Piece has ever had?

    Also, I thought part of her charm was that she never over reacts to anything like some of the other characters do?

    Course, I'll admit I have something of a weakness for smart, sexy women... mmm, intelligence...

    Oh, right, maybe I should ask a question... um...

    Fairy Tail!

    Read it!

    ... no, wait, that's a demand, hold on a sec...

    Okay, so, if you really dislike Naruto so much, why don't you just stop reading it?

    I did, way back when Naruto talked Pain down... that I could deal with, but then HE BRINGS EVERYBODY BACK TO LIFE, which was just... dammit, you don't kill thousands of people and then have them all be better, like, three chapters later, where the hell's the drama in that?

    There was other stuff, but that specific moment convinced me that continuing to read Naruto would be an utter waste of time.

    So, to repeat the question, why do you keep reading something (like Naruto) long after it's stopped being good?

  6. How did you like the final arc of Eyeshield 21?

    What kind of deck do you use in Yu Gi Oh?

  7. Hay really enjoy all your videos and I think it's a great idea to do these vlogs every week, kudos to you sir. anyway I have a few questions. You rarely mention Fairy Tail, I personally think it's one of the best series going right now, do you read it? Also how much longer do you think Fullmetal Alchemist can really go on for do you think it is almost finished?

  8. This maybe a personal question but who is the worst and the most overrated reviewer on the internet (in my opinion the worst is Irate Gamer and most overrated is Yahtzee)?

    Who are your favourite manga heroes?

  9. last night, i was perusing the TGWTG blog section and i stumbled across this:

    an article about Nick Simmons and his comic Incarnate and how he has been blatantly plagiarizing popular manga series. particularly, Bleach, Hellsing, and even One Piece. what are your thoughts on this story?

  10. i realize you probly havnt seen, nore probly heard of it, but i was wondering you opinion on Kuroshitsuji:

    also will you cover anything by Ken Akamatsu later on in RR2L?

    i realize its an Anime/Game and thats not quite your thing i think but have ou ever heard of Nightwalker? if not im pretty sure you'll find the two dvds of the show at blockbuster

    have you seen:
    Bubblegum Crisis.
    could you explain the different anime series's there confusing to me.

    FLCL, how differant is the manga to the series. also ive been hearing rumors that the show in japan was longer.

    Fruitsbasket: the show was an amazing series will it ever come up, and what is your opinion on it

    i realize you did the seven s!nfull anime thing, but i was wondering if you could cover Ichi the killer at some point?

    Dominion Tank police?

    Serial Experiment lain
    (this can be found entirely on youtube i believe)


    tekkaman blade / Teknoman

    tenchi muyo

    tetsuo the iron man

    trinity blood

    or akira

    and will macross/robotech ever come up?

    if you haven't seen much of anything i asked about i tried to provide links to what i could, if you haven't seen something its my strong opinion that you should check it out.

    also if it would take to long to discuss all the things i asked about an email or a blog spot message would be cool...

    wow that sounded presumptuous,

    well hope you can get to me if not, its cool and i will remember to read right to left, no matter how hard it makes it to read a batman comic lol

  11. Is there any chance you could, in the post itself, put a brief description of what you're discussing in the Vlog? Otherwise it's extremely annoying to try to find a particular Vlog if I'm looking for one.