19 February 2010

Read Right to Left - The Prince of Tennis 3

Well it took quite a while to get back to making videos, but I hope this is worth the wait for you guys. The video is scheduled to go up on TGWTG next Monday, February 22, so those of you who follow me off the site get the privilege of seeing it pretty early!

There are a lot of things I didn't touch on in this video but I already had to go about fifteen full minutes talking a mile each one. There's just a lot I have to say about this series, it just fascinates me that it was so popular for so long and yet was so terrible. A short glimpse at Wikipedia reveals that this was at one point THE most popular sports manga in Japan, and in 2002 the mangaka, Konomi Takeshi, was estimated as having one of the ten highest incomes of any Japanese entertainer. I do not resent the man for his success, I am merely baffled by it, and just find his work to be terrible. Only so many of my problems with the series could be crammed into this video, so I think when I next to a Vlog I may bring up some things that didn't get addressed in this video. But for now, enjoy.


  1. Good god, this series sucks.

    The sheer amount of inconsistencies, the stupid moves, the DBZ-wannabe level...

    We can't ever know what the relationship between the writer and editor was here, but I'm thinking each chapter was taken in the sense of "what would keep the series popular"?

    I mean, the sheer amount of matches, and at least 3 chapters per match? You could go on forever like that... This is plain milking it.

  2. Wow, how do you think Eyeshield 21 ranked in all this. I have seen they are both have had animes made by the same company (yet one has a much better manga) and have seen them compared for being wacky when it comes to portraying the sport. However, one is more believable, and got a no name sport in a the country to actually have a name for itself (still somewhat unpopular, but surprisingly how long it lasted).

    I played football, I obviously have a bias ... lol