03 May 2010

Read Right to Left - Let's Bible!

After a prolonged absence, I'm back with a video.


  1. Great to have you back man. Loved the episode and can't wait to see your next one. Just don't wait so long to do the next one.

  2. This is awesome! this was a very good way to start out my day. Very funny. And fitting choice of music. Thanks for never failing to entertain.
    Looking forward to your next show.

  3. You've improved since your last videos, in my opinion. There's a lot more punchlines scattered throughout the review; they don't feel forced, and the great majority of them are genuinely funny.


  4. I thought this would be about that Manga where Jesus and Buddha share a flat in Japan, but then I remembered that was called Saint Young Men.
    If there is enough material, would you consider a Blasphemy Month? I'm sure there have been manga that mangled Norse and Roman mythology as well.


    I have to disagree with your statement about the Christian references being shallow in FullMetal Alchemist(anime storyline, not manga). The Haemonculi are named after the Seven Deadly Sins, because they exist because of/as the sins of others. Furthermore, there are hints that each of them embody the emotion that drove the alchemists' experiments. To take the metaphor further, Pride is the most powerful of the Haemonculi, and the sin of Pride is considered the first among the sins and even the wellspring of the others as well.

    Granted, this all falls apart in the Manga and Brotherhood versions, but at least in the anime, the references to Christian mythology are anything but vapid or empty.

  5. About time Man! Right now you are the closest thing to Sued we will get. I hope you do another video in the next month or two.

    Also, PLEASSE cover Eyesheild 21. You know how good it is, I know how good it is and everytime I see you use it as an example or in your intro I pull my hair saying "WHY HASN'T HE DONE THAT ONE YET. NOT ALOT OF PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT!!!"

    I loved your latest review though, I am SO going to read it right now.

  6. i loved this video! great job!
    was woundering thou you live in florida i heard you say in one of your videos.
    will you be going to the anime convention this august?

  7. As the creators and serialization are Korean in origin, I believe this classifies this as a "manhwa".

    But hey, tomato/tomata. Doesn't really matter. Great one shot and great video.

    And definitely check out "Blade of the Phantom Master". Shit. Is. EPIC.

  8. You know, I actually saw this manga floating around somewhere but didn't bother to look further. Apparently I missed out. I agree with you though, worst portrayal of Jesus ever, and the actual series version (does it really count as a series if it quit after four chapters) really sounds anything but interesting. Though the whole "east meets west" might have had potential, but everyone that would have read the series was turned off by the drastic shift in tone. Huh. The shark was jumped before the series even started. Is there some kind of achievement for that?