19 May 2010

Vlog 5-18-10

It's been awhile...


  1. my question is what four characters out of any series would you like to see in a 2v2 tag battle

    also i think your voice sounds a tad like crispin freeman


  2. Well, good to hear that you didn't fall into a dimensional rift and vanish, and it is good to see positive reviews you've done. They're just as enjoyable as the negative ones, and it gives people some recommendations for more reading.

    Random question not about vlog:
    Many people here I know do not consider manga "books", as they have pictures and need the visuals to understand the story at all. Do you consider manga to be just as effective and/or useful as books?

    Questions/Comment about vlog

    Well, being an ignorant American who watches anime and reads manga, I have no idea about what the significance of 108 is, but I do know that I've heard the number a number of times in the Suikoden video games series as the number of characters that join your army. I guess the question I have is more a request for a tiny explanation of what the significance is, unless
    A: Easier to find out about by reading it online
    B: Potential spoilers

    Have you ever thought of doing other multi-part series like your Prince of Tennis reviews, where you review a chunk of chapters at a time? Perhaps One Piece or another long running series, almost like a "Let's Read" equivalent to the video game Let's Plays on the Internet.

    Also, because I chuckled, a Nickname.

  3. Many products are released for various manga and anime like video games, plushies or acton figures. Do you think that this is just to squeeze out as much money as possible from the fan base or do you think that they producers are really trying to please the fan base? Some of these things have been very entertaining while others are just stupid so I was so I was wondering about what you think about it.

    Btw my name is pronounced De-ah-tay Deity, yeah I know the spelling kinda sucks but I didn't think Deatay looked as good as Deotay and the Deity part is just a sort of last name.

  4. FAIRY TACHOUGHACK Ahem, sorry, force of habit.

    Anyway, I was just wondering, since you read most of your manga online, do you happen to read any webcomics?

  5. Hi Y ruler good to see you're OK. Of all the One Piece tragedies, which one made you most emotional over. Mine was the death of Hiruluk. Also who are your favourite One Piece villains.

    Also if you were putting getting you're own Channel Awesome pirate crew who would you take?

  6. my question is i was wondering if there is something (a movie, a game etc) that you like that many other people hate?

  7. my question is: what is so far your most hated and beloved arc's of bleach, naruto and one piece?

  8. Apologies for my comment last time I won't ask you to review something or read something I'll leave that up to you =D
    Anyway here's a real question, overall how did you find the Ice hell/Century Soup arc that just finished in Toriko and do you like the look of the new "Revival" arc??

  9. I have a shitload of Yu-Gi-Oh cards I want to get rid of. If you want I can donate some to you to use as a prop when you review the manga. Or if you just want to get into playing again.

    What manga that you've read do you consider the most bizarre?

  10. good to finally have you back, man!

    lemme see if i can rack my brain for some questions...

    have there ever been any anime series that you've seen that were based on manga that completely got it wrong?

    What's your opinion on something like DBZ Kai? do you think it's just a way for the companies to milk some more cash out of the franchise, or perhaps a great way to introduce a new generation of audiences to this classic show?

    do you know where i can find some sailors?

  11. Yup, my nickname is from ES21, my favorite character were it not for Hiruma. Glad to see you back and hoping to see more videos from you in the future.

    Here's my question: You spoke about many different genres (action, horror, sport, etc) but there's one genre I haven't heard you talk about, which is detective. For example, manga like Detective Conan, Kindaichi, Q.E.D, Tantei Gakuen Q, etc. Have you read them and what are your opinion about them?

    Next is just a manga recommendation for you to maybe read and perhaps even review later in the future if possible. You said way back in Medaka Box that you like the idea of the helping student council, and there's a similar ongoing manga in Jump called Sket Dance, have you read it? If not, I highly recommend it.

    Summary: They're just a club dedicated to take request to help people, and despite mostly comedy it can get into some good serious stuffs, like in the longer arcs when dealing with the character's backstories. It starts off a bit slow but it turned awesome around the time they go against the student council. Only problem is that it's irregularly scanlated.