28 June 2012

Read Right to Left - Barrage

There's something that's just innately enjoyable to following something from the beginning and seeing how it develops. I think that's a tremendous part of the appeal of RPG's with a leveling system. You may not remember every little thing that happens along the way, but simply being part of the experience of traveling all the way from start to finish can be deeply satisfying. For as long as I've been reading manga, I've never followed a series from the beginning, and I think that's part of why I want this one to go on for as long as possible - I actually picked it up at chapter one, before chapter two was out. That's never happened for me before, and the sense of attachment I have to Barrage is incredibly disproportionate to the amount of time I've been reading it and thus should feel invested in it. The experience has really taught me that I need to pay closer attention to new manga and check them out as soon as I absolutely can. On an unrelated note, the title card that Eugenia came up with reminded me of a catchy Sesame Street song I heard in my childhood.




    I'm ashamed to say that the lame title turned me away from reading it. Definitely checking this out now!

  2. I did? Oh! I did! And I didn't think of that song when doing this one xDDD.

    I still find funniest the fact that everyone was like "The prince was a jerk anyway. Oh, well. You're prince now, Astro. It's like you being Baruji without being a jerk."

  3. Very funny and interesting review!
    I really liked your explanation for the title.

    I checked out Barrage right after I watched your video and I genuinely want this Manga to stay published for years to come.
    (Tiamat can shoot his blade at opponents, that's so damn cool!!)
    Thank you so much for the recommendation.
    And I have to thank you and Rollo T for recommending Vinland Saga, too.

    Following a popular series from the very start would be awesome.
    That's something I wanted to accomplish for a while but appearently I'm not very good at picking an up-and-coming series.

    Please keep up your Read Right to Left Videos and WMR with Rollo T, so people like me won't miss all those awesome Manga!

  4. Hey, just curious, what are your thoughts now that Sensei no Bulge was met with a cancellation? And a speedy one at that too. Was it fair, or just another great series getting cancelled because the readership of Shonen Jump is a bunch of idiots who couldn't spot true greatness if it was waving it's butt in their faces?
    Personally I think it was the last one, the storytelling was tight, the comedy wasn't hilarious but it made me smirk every now and then, and it had an interesting concept.