22 May 2012

The Downfall of Bleach Part 2 - "Deicide 856"

Despite this video being the longest Read Right to Left I've ever done, and nearly twice as long as part 1, I still feel as if I didn't get to talk about every problem that the last few years of Bleach have had. Hence the credits gag. Due to some problems recording parts of the audio, I realized very early in the editing process that the video would NOT be done in two weeks, but the additional week I gave myself to finish the thing really ended up paying dividends, since I had time to alter the script a few more times, and to experiment with adding some background music. Despite having as much time as I did to explain my feelings on the series, I feel it's no substitute to actually sitting down with someone and having a back and forth discussion on it.


  1. After your first part was posted on TGWTG, I can't tell you how much anticipation I had for the second part. I checked every day on both this site and your twitter account and now that it is here, I am not disappointed.

    Good lord, I still remember on WMR how Rollo T commented about how you managed to keep track of Bleach characters and watching this, he wasn't kidding.

    This is a great video essay. It is so informative and being fair toward the series. I hope this isn't the last part. Is it possible that you can throw in your two cents over the anime?

    Anyways, thank you for putting so much effort into this. I really liked it and hope you do more of these types of videos.

  2. About Yamamoto being incompetent: we started up a blog called "Applied Logic"


    based on analysing why Bleach sucks, and the many many facets thereof, including retcons, stuff being brought up only to be forgotten, Kubo's obsession with the big "tweeeest" regardless if it makes sense or not, and the many many things Kubo has promised or said in interviews that never went anywhere. And one of our contributors calculated just how many souls the Arrancar in Aizen's group were supposed to have been made of, and the results equal to more humans that have ever even existed.

    THAT is the true level of Soul Society's incompetence.

  3. A very interesting and well thought out review of Bleach in these 2 parts and I for one agree with everything you said, since I read Bleach up to this day and found myself finding a lot of problems in Bleach's story telling Kubo style.

    Though have you seen the latest chapter of Bleach? The form that German (I know he may not be but some reason I imagine him with a German accent) Quincy guy takes, it looks like a comically bad rejected design of transformations spliced together with a Clown, its not "eerie" or "dirty" as the manga makes it out to be but more funny then anything.

    I thought your review on Bleach was fair and pointed out even my displeasures with the series, as the fights have poor conclusions... maybe not as poor as Naruto's conclusions of battles but still are nevertheless.

    Also speaking as a an Antagonist Reviewer, I found that Aizen's plan was not original but when considering villains you have to take into account their motivation, now on a quick summary I personally thought even though his plan is like been done 9/10 times by others but his reasons for doing so matched his personality where he did it because, he could do it, but others reckoned it was because he was searching for someone to fight him on equal power or beat him, though I don't buy that last part.

    Though I will call bull crudola on the whole "I planned everything you would go through, Ichigo." thing cause that really peeved me off to no end and just made me rage about the inconsistencies that would occur. Also on a final note, are you confused as I am about Halibiel and some of her frachion being still alive? That made me go like "Wait! What!... B-But you were dead?!" sorta thing.

    Anyway sorry about being nerdy but as a fellow manga reader and reviewer I felt a need to share my thoughts. Great review and keep up the great work n_n.