12 December 2009

Collab with Rollo T: Response to MarzGurl

Rollo T and I got together and made this video as a rebuttal to a video made by another contributor at thatguywiththeglasses.com, MarzGurl.

I seriously don't mean any harm to MarzGurl. I have only communicated with her once, which was to specifically receive her blessing to create this video. I don't even know if she had any idea who I was before that. I bear no grudge against her, and have no reason to.

However a number of times MarzGurl has expressed an opinion that I have disagreed with. Some I have disagreed with very strongly. This was the first time, however, that I had both the motivation and the opportunity, with my classes having ended, to make a full-fledged video response. It was actually Rollo T who had the idea, so we share the responsibility on this project.

There were a few more points we discussed that didn't come up, but our main argument remains the same: manga and anime are wide mediums full of various types of work. Even limiting your selection to the shonen demographic, to categorize all titles as being 'emo' is an unmerited generalization.


  1. Thank you for treating it with respect. The instances that have been mentioned are indeed true. I still stand by my comment, and general as it may be, I still feel as though many have turned down an unnecessarily dark path.

    I knew who you were for certain. If you want us to get to know one another better, however, (Rollo T included here) then you know how to contact me. I'd be more than glad for it.

  2. I highly dissagree. Very rarely have we ever seen Naruto or Bleach get dark in any form of the word. Sure, there where parts like Sasuke vs Itachi, but if it ever was 'dark' then it only lasted for a brief time, so thus you can't conculde that the whole manga is turning dark.

    I do agree however, that Naruto and Bleach are going to a more emotional side, sometimes boarderlining emo. BUt like Y pointed out in some of his videos, there's a lot of homoerotic pictures in Shonen manga (mainly for the female reads i assume).

    Also, with Yu Yu Hakusho being just a happy show without any 'darkness' to it I would have the strongly dissagree. Watch the Black Saga, or hell, any of the sagas past the Saint Beast and you see that though it maintains its happy moments, it does boast some real dark parts too.

    I could go on and on, but really I feel that both MarzGurl and Y are right and wrong (which of course makes me the victor lol)

    I enjoy you show Y, keep it up.