15 October 2009

Older episodes: School Rumble

What I remember most about this video is discovering a lot of editing techniques that really sped up the process and took care of some glitches I'd had in the past. Also TV Tropes now thinks I hang out there all the time because of this video. I have no idea why they'd think that. And don't ask how I know this, because it totally doesn't prove I hang out there at all. Oh be quiet and watch the video.

1 comment:

  1. Good video but I cant agree with alot of your comments
    The biggest of all being your simpilisation of the characters. For instance, Hanai being a 2-D closet pervert. For one thing, this is only ever hinted at and is very down played. Secondly you ignore all his other charecteristics such as his obsession of "Acting like a gentleman" through yelling and taking charge of everything. To his rivalery with Hairama, resulting in wierd situations such as them being tied to kites so they could fight- leading to him fly off for 2 weeks straight. Sounds stupid, but it surprisingly funny :L
    Theres more but I dont want to go on. Like I said this is a good video, and is actually the reason why I started reading and watching this series. However I dont feel you gave the series justice =]