30 March 2012

Read Right to Left - Shamo

A friend recommended I check out Shamo some time about two, maybe two and a half years ago, and I was interested when he talked about the training arc leading up to the fight between Ryo and Sugawara. The antagonist visits a temple and reflects on the time he spent with his father, while the protagonist jacks himself up on steroids. Really, it's stuff like that that would make Shamo a great parody if only the tone were a bit different. I think I was channeling some of my high school literature papers while scripting this video, but I felt it was more appropriate than a plot summary-style approach.


  1. Nice review. I really liked that manga too. I think Illuminati's gone into doing volume scans of it now.

    P.S. Please read Kokou no Hito. It's the best manga I've ever read/translated.

  2. You know, reviews like these make me wonder what the purpose of that Seven Sinful Series video from way back. I guess it's fine as long as the manga isn't good BECAUSE of the inappropriate content, but for reasons completely unrelated such as characters or dialogue.

    Honestly, I don't care one bit. It was definitely interesting, and once again, something I haven't read. Fun stuff.

  3. I really enjoyed this manga so far, and it's really cool that you managed to cover everything up until I stopped reading, all without spoilers (for me, anyway). I was wondering where Shamo would go after the Sugawara-Narushima fight, since up until then is only half of the series so far and it seems pretty clmactic. Doesn't sound anything special.
    I have a real soft-spot for martial arts manga, probably because they're the only sports manga I can bring myself to read. Any others you could recomend would be sweet.