10 July 2010

Read Right to Left - Bakuman


  1. Aside from the volume and the green line, this review was osm. That Naruto/Bleach joke made me laugh HARD. cuz i can see it happening.

    i really liked the way you showed the panels with half and half then merging them together.

    About Muira, i think i see him a little differently. I see him as the mangakas' insult on Editors, which i frankly hate. He is SUPPOSE to show that editors can mess up and give bad advice and not help people and not get the mangaka and how they write. Basically showing that Editors suck and they stifle creativity. The only real reason Hattori was most likely made was in order to progress the plot and make AM a better manga team so somebody like Muira can show up and mess it up. You said it yourself, the Editors are always the one who are wrong in the series.

    Also, i call Twilight on Mashiro/Azuki.

  2. Wow. You really ripped into Miura. Sure he wasn't ever my favorite character, but I never hated him. Granted, it takes a lot to make me hate a character, and I doubt any of the characters in Bakuman are ever going to be like that, at least without the series taking a ridiculously dark turn.

    I think that this series really appeals to people that are involved in writing, and/or drawing. That's what appeals to me at least, since I want to be a writer, (the publishing industry has some surprising similarities to the manga industry that I've noticed) it's very easy for me to relate to the characters' desires.

    It is nice that while you examined the flaws, you did acknowledge how Bakuman has an uncanny way of making us forget them. Personally I could point out several story lines that go nowhere, such as Koogie, and the fact that they foreshadowed Azuki being in danger of being molested by a producer who specifically had her hired because she was cute. Then again, I was reading Berserk at the time, so I was looking for the worst in every series I was reading simultaneously.

    I think one of the reasons I like Bakuman so much is because when compared to other weekly series such as Naruto, and Bleach (especially Bleach), Bakuman just has so much more substance to it. When I finish reading Bleach I think, "That was a cool chapter...Wait...what actually happened?" As opposed to Bakuman which, flaws aside, always delivers something satisfying, while using the frustratingly effective hooks you mentioned.

    Personally I can't wait for the August when the first volume comes out over here, so I can start reviewing the series volume by volume myself.

    As far as the Azuki/Mashiro relationship is concerned, because it is so unrealistic, I usually tend to ignore it, though as of late focus seems to be shifting more and more onto their relationship. And while unrealistic, for some reason the romantic in me can't help but not hate it. I'm just that much of a sap. -_-

  3. YES! New video! I have to say, Nick, you are one of my favorite TGWTG producers, and you don't put out enough work. >:U

    Yeah, I'm just being stupid. I know that. :P

    Anyway, great review. I've heard good things about this manga, and I might really have to check this out now, even though I read very little manga. Back to the review, it was well written, entertaining, and your analysis was extremely well done, as usual. Thanks very much for the great videos, I'll stop fangasming now. XD

  4. For some reason I'm having some issues with the video-player...Not only I can't do any back-tracking during the video, but it also ended before the review had actually ended.

    Oh well...Great review though...I'll probably check it out

  5. This review has inspired me to make my own manga. It will be about a police officer who channels the soul of Michael Jackson to solve crimes, IN SPACE! And he will fight senior citizen lizards with machine guns and the power of LOVE! His sidekick will be an anthropomorphic testicle salads who is racist against bagels and can rally the power of supermarket cashiers with telepathy to smite his enemies. It's gonna be great because I'm SO inspired by the art from Naruto. I think I'll just borrow Sasuke's face, and hair, and arms, and legs, and body, and SOUL for about 80 chapters. And then Soldier Brat will make a rap about it which will earn me millions of fans all over Antarctica since that's where all his CD's go. Now where's my pen? Ah screw it, I'm not going to the store just for a pen. Stupid Japanese can't even learn how to read right anyway.

    I started reading Eyeshield 21 due to your recommendation and I am loving the series so far. I couldn't really get into Bakuman at first but now I think I will give it another try.

    I was wondering how you would change some of the modern Jump heroes like Naruto, Ichigo and Luffy? If you wouldn't change them at all that's fine, I was just curious what you would do to make them better in your opinion.

    Oh and what was your opinion on the new main villains of 5D's?

  6. Great reveiw. While not having read Bakuman, I find it intruiging (how the hell do you spell that? D: Cutrse you English for not being my mother tounge!), and might check it out.
    I did read Death Note, tho. Like everyone else has said, it is overrated, but still pretty good and addicting.

    Also, you like 5D's? I knew that you were pretty accepting of Yu-Gi-Oh!, but that you watch the anime that has purists slit their wrists and abridgers go "CARD GAMES ON MOTORCYKLES!"? I'd like an in-depth opinion on this show.

  7. I don't have much time to read manga online anymore because of school. But listening to your reviews has helped me stay in touch with this media. Thanks and keep it up Y Ruler of Time. =)

    Also, I noticed the ring on your finger. Did something happen? =o

  8. Hey Y, thanks again! Without you I never would have picked up this series, and it's pretty good. Like you said it's not perfect, but I'm just as hooked. Only thing is that I usually just read the collected Volumes or "Graphic Novel Manga" I guess and Vol. 2 JUST came out! This is going to suck or I have to start reading VERY slowly... lol. Anyway thanks again!

  9. I know this sounds weird to ask but is Moritaka Mashiro's first name, Mashiro i know the Japanese write their last name first but a few people told me it's a Surname even Wikipedia says it and on the Bakuman Wiki it list his family with the name, Mashiro but i read that Mashiro means ''Broad-minded'' so i think it's his first name too.